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The roof of your home is the most important part of the structure of the house. It’s what protects you from outside elements and weather. So naturally, it’s crucial to get not only functional roofs but also good looking roofs. Architectural shingles or roof shingles, are a great option if you’re looking for roofing that’s not only practical and affordable but also beautiful and customizable.

Your house is an extension of yourself. It’s the biggest investment you have, so you should treat it with only the best. Located in Grasonville Maryland, Canales Services LLC has been providing excellent roof installation, replacement, and repair. Licensed and insured, our crew of experienced technicians will provide you with fine workmanship that will make you feel even more proud of your property.


Why should you get roof shingles?


Roof shingles are a type of roofing that consists of individual overlapping pieces. They’re flat, laid in rows from the edge of your roof all the way up. They’re made from various materials like metal, plastic, fiber cement, slate, stone, and asphalt. Because of their overlapped structure, they act as a waterproof barrier to protect the integrity of your home. Water can significantly damage the foundation of a house, so it’s crucial to get a roofing system that ensures your home’s safety.


Because there are so many types of roof shingles, you have the control of how your house will look on the outside. Your roofing can make a statement, and with so many materials, patterns, and colors, you get to have a roof that matches your taste and personality. We go above and beyond to make sure your roofing is customized to your liking.

With different colors and materials, you get different types of results on your roofing. Some types and colors are energy efficient due to their ability to either absorb heat from the sun or reflect it. It all depends on what you like.

We ensure you make an educated choice when choosing this material considering not only your taste but also your budget.




Superior roofing solutions are provide by our licensed and insured roofing contractors at fair prices.



We offer professional and accurate siding solutions to business owners across Grasonville, Maryland.



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We specialize in all types of window installation, repair and replacement services.



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You´ll not have to worry about quality when working with Canales Services LLC.

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